Here We Go

For the moment I'd like to say that I’m insanely offended by the audacity  Pandora had in response to being slapped down for the moment by the courts- but that's me putting it mildly..First, we know the industry itself is very fickle. Not everyone is a winner. Some artists are just that; indie and make very little, but what they sell independently. Even less are phenomenal pop acts that tour and make millions. As for the actual core of the music industry - songwriters, we are giving you something to sell in the first place (on consignment to boot as we do not get paid until sales are collected sometimes year(s) later). Without the music no one has a way to make one dollar let alone twenty.

Also, for the lucky ones to even get a commercial released single, they deserve to receive the full money making potential that this provides them! We are for the most part independent contractors peddling our wares from one artist to the next hoping to get a placement to create income for ourselves. The already statutory rated standards being followed by all other media outlets are not good enough for Pandora’s’ pariah’s bottom line. Not my problem, you need to concentrate on making your own business model work. And stop trying to feed into our already deluded income. Word.