ADN's new release "How To" release keeps the love after Valentine's day

Valentine's day, but ADN's newest release "How To" make you want to love year round. This is the second release in under a week as he slams up with hit after hit, back to back. We're excited about the release of this newest EP "Take Two."

“Take Two” his second EP is a re-release of older music. He explains his decision to redo his work “Sometimes as an artist, you start dope stuff that, for one reason or another, never gets finished, and it ends up collecting dust on a hard drive for ages (despite its clear dopeness). "TAKE TWO" is a collection of all those songs, reworked, re-imagined, reproduced, re-sung, redone in ADN-2018 style. If you've been following me for a while, you may even recognize a couple of tracks.So here's "Signature (Interlude I)", the first track off of the TAKE TWO project. So excited and anxious to finally release this song after so long. I started writing this back when I first moved to LA. About the feeling you get when you're far away from someone that's so close to your heart. ”. This is the first round of a blooming music career. We are so excited to share these songs with you

The latest songs give a sense of airy, urban pop that is like no other. It is incredible considering it was written, produced and sung by ADN Lewis himself. These songs are currently exclusive to Youtube and Soundcloud, but it will soon be added to streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music.

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